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Ways to Give Your Employees Perks and Benefits

As every employer knows, your employees are your most important asset. That’s why I believe it is vital to give staff members a number of perks. Isn’t it best to keep your talent rather than letting them head off to your competitors? There are so many different ways you can reward your employees, so it might be a good idea for you to sit down with your HR team to come up with some ideas that suit your type of business.

To get you started, it might be useful for you to hear about the types of benefits that I offer my team. Here are just a few of them…

Days off

My company allows full time members of staff to take off 25 basic days of holiday each year. They also get two duvet days and their birthday off on top of that. I find that most staff members use their duvet days around the Christmas period, but we’re fine with this as we know they’ve been doing a great job for the rest of the year. It’s worth checking that your company is in line, or better, than your competitors. Annual leave is important for your employees as they’ll want time to de-stress and take a well needed break.

Car and fuel allowances

We’re also big fans of giving car allowances and fuel cards to our employees. We know they travel to us from all over, so helping people to get to our office without breaking the bank is important. We know that if it wasn’t for this gesture, people would simply find a job closer to home that didn’t cost them as much in transport. Think about where your employees currently travel from, and whether you have any flexibility to help them out. A good compromise is signing your business up to a bike scheme, so have a look online to read more about it.

Free food and drink

In our office we provide free tea, coffee, fruit, water, milk and bread to our employees. This comes in daily deliveries so we’re never short of it. Whenever we have a recruitment drive we always recalculate how much of everything we need to make sure all of the staff are accounted for. We’re quite relaxed and let our staff eat their breakfast when they come in – especially important for those who commute in from further away.

Nights out

We also hold quarterly parties for our employees. We tend to do a bit of training in the daytime, before feeding back to staff about the company’s growth and who has done exceptional work recently; promotions also might be announced. After this, we’ll all head off to an activity such as rock climbing or surfing, before all having a team dinner out at a posh restaurant. Not only does it give something for the staff to look forward to, but it also attracts new people to our company who don’t currently get that type of perk where they’re working.