Greetings Leaders!

This is the third posting in the The Path of the Honorable Leader series.

The Path of the Honorable Leader is often difficult. As a leader moves down her path she will find it dark and foreboding, cluttered with the bodies of others who have fallen by the wayside. Others who have succumbed to the trials and tribulations along the way.

The Honorable Leader knows that to continue down the path requires diligence, hard work and industriousness. There will be early mornings, working lunches and late nights. If she has a family, it will mean tending to their needs in addition to following her dreams. This may mean studying after her husband and kids are asleep. It may mean getting up early on Saturdays to write or read a book before her family awakes. It could mean forgoing shopping while she puts money in the bank to pay for her education. Yes, the path is a difficult one.

Honorable Leadership is a character that is earned, not given. Earning it requires much sacrifice. No wonder the path is covered with the bodies of others. Those that have given up on their dreams because the price is too high. Those that failed to understand that the Honorable Leader never quits. That adversity only builds strength. That failures will be lessons learned and that the only true failure is to not get up and continue down the path when life knocks you down.

The Honorable Leader knows that the path requires hard work and sacrifice.

Give it your all…