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I’m in the middle of teaching a Project Leadership class for the California Highway Patrol and tonight I reviewed the curriculum I developed for relevance.When teaching Leadership Development my focus is normally on the RC3 framework that includes teaching…

  • Responsibility
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Credibility

As I went through the material, I asked myself if the CHP officers and staff really needed to know what I was going to present and then I found myself wondering… how do you really teach leadership? Yes, I know this is a funny time to be asking the question as I’ve taught it before and am teaching it again tomorrow. But I think the question is an important one to ask periodically. So, I googled “Leadership Training Best Practices”, and found a ton of different approaches.

Going through the results I obtained from Google,  I perused what others were doing. Many were focused on a specific aspect of leadership develpment and leaders were being groomed by corporations to help them be successful. Successful in this case would probably mean helping the company make a profit resulting in the leader receiving a promotion, and in turn… make lots of money. I asked myself, what’s wrong with this picture?

While I’m sure the training is good, I also believe that it is somewhat self-serving. Leaders are not being taught to be socially or culturally resonsible in their leadership classes, unless it is taught as a matter of ethics. We need to do more.

Leaders need to balance the needs of shareholders/organizations, against the needs of society and individuals that work for the company. We ask ourselves how the financial crisis evolved, and now we have the answer. Not enough attention to RC3 in our leadership classes.

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