Greetings Leaders!

With Mother’s Day coming up, I got to thinking about Moms. I thought about my mom Maggie, of course my wife Debbie as the mother of our kids, and Stephanie the mother of my grandson Bryce. I am so lucky to have all three in my life. I just want to thank them for being the remarkable women they are.

While tomorrow is going to be a special day for them, a few weeks ago I was watching the church announcements up on the big screen and noticed that they were looking for people to sponsor single moms for Mother’s Day. I thought how hard it must be for those who are moms, but who may not be remembered. So in addition to moms, this is also for those of you who are single moms and also those who may not technically be a mom, but who are mothers even so.

There are so many men and women in the trenches of life, doing what a mom would do, but not getting the credit. There are single moms of course, but there are also grandparents and dads who are filling in for the role of “mom”. I’m thinking of several friends of ours who are grandparents, who after raising kids of their own, now face the challenge of raising their grand kids because their own children have lost their way. For you grandparents out there, who are raising your grandkids – Happy Mother’s Day.

I’m thinking of Fred, a dear friend from the Navy, whose wife Dottie passed away a few years ago. Fred now has to not only be a dad, but also a mom to their seven kids. He is my hero. Happy Mother’s Day Fred.

I’m thinking of another friend whose wife lost her way and had an affair. They’re still together, but he has to step in and fill the gap while his wife collects her thoughts. Happy Mother’s Day my friend.

I’m thinking about a few kids whose scholarship essays I just read. Young adults who I never met, but who touched my life deeply. In particular, the young girl whose mom was in prison for the first 15 years of her life. I understand that we must pay a price for our actions. But my heart goes out to kids whose parents are in prison, and for the moms in prison who wish they could be the moms they wanted. Happy Mothers Day. Don’t give up hope. Look to the future when you can be reunited with your kids when you get out.

I’m thinking about the young moms and dads, (moms mostly) who end up with kids of their own as teens. Yes, life is hard. There are some who have abandoned their kids to their grandparents, or those that have given them up for adoption. But for those of you who are trying to make the best of a difficult situation… you are my heros. I know. Money is short. You’re tired. You don’t have many friends… but take heart. Your kids need you. The reward you will get will come. You must just be patient.

I looked for a good video of You Raise Me Up, and there were lots to choose from. Enjoy the video, because Moms… you raise your children up. You sacrifice. You give. But… you are a mom, and you are loved.

Thank you to my mom, for Raising Me Up.

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