Greetings Leaders!

I read a great article by Tom Schulte at Linked2Leadership called Pray For Your Organization. I thought it was a great article but as usual, it got me thinking about a quote from an unknown source that say:

Pray like it depends on God, but work as if it depends on you

I am Christian, but understand that almost all other religions pray so this is good advice for anyone. Instead of just praying, why don’t we all start living our faith. I don’t mean trying to convert people. I’m talking about something that Islam, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Jewish faiths all have in common; Compassion, Tolerance, Love, Service, Diligence, and Honor.

So, have a problem at work? A team that is fighting? Someone who needs counseling? A loner? Bad leadership? Well… praying might help… but perhaps YOU are the answer. So… go DO something.

Live Your Faith…


For those readers who are Christian, please read the book of James where he admonishes those who will pray for the poor, but not help them get their needs met.