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To be an effective leader, you have to have balance in your life. Balance is necessary for harmony. There are two perspectives I want to suggest here. The first is Mind – Body – Spirit, and the second is Work –  Family – Self.

Mind – Body – Spirit

To be an effective leader you must balance these three aspects of your life. You must find ways to actively exercise these three areas in your life. You should be learning new things all the time. What was the last new thing you learned? Your body is important. There are two things you must do. Exercise and eat right. You don’t need to be a vegetarian, but you should be eating a balanced diet. If you are overweight, you should be looking at ways to get to become more active by exercising more often. Last, bit not least, you should be doing something spiritual, for we are spiritual beings. A spiritual being is one that looks for meaning in life. If money is the center of your universe, your foundation of life, be prepared to be disappointed. Money is a piece of paper or metal.

Work – Family – Self

As a leader, you have multiple responsibilities. You need to balance these out to ensure that you are leading a healthy well balanced life. Work is important. Statistics show that people who retire, and stay actively involved in the community, live longer and are happier. As you go through life, you obviously should be working. You also have responsibilities to your family and to yourself. If you are married or have children, you made a commitment to them to live life together. This means sacrificing, at times, work or self. You have an obligation to support your spouse and raise your kids. The last piece of the puzzle is self. You need to take care of yourself. Now… I don’t mean spending or buying tons of things to make you happy (sorry shoppers!). You need to ensure that your tank is full. So, go out and spend some time doing something you enjoy. However, this cannot be done while neglecting work or family. There needs to be balance.

So, what areas are out of balance in your life? Working too hard? Playing too hard? Focusing on family too much (yes… you can spend too much time with your family)? How about exercise, or spiritual growth.

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Get balanced!

All the best!
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