Greetings Leaders…

I’m sitting here thinking about life. Sometimes it can be rough. There are so many obstacles that get in the way of our dreams, inspirations and happiness. A friend told me yesterday that we come into the world bloody, crying, cold and naked… and life just gets worse after that. We both laughed. While he was trying to be funny, I thought, how sad that some people really go through life thinking like that. I even reminded myself… that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Life is tough. Money problems. Girl problems. Boy problems. Marriage problems. Health problems. Boss problems. Staff problems. Client problems. Weather problems. Problems… problems… problems. So why should we keep going? Because it is the challenges that make the victories our victories.

Life is tough. Get over it. Victory can only be won, in the face of defeat. Can you imagine a life where there are no challenges? Everyone could run a 4 minute mile. Everyone could sing like a bird. We were all healthy. Everyone had plenty of money. While this sounds like fun… what would life be? What could we hope to accomplish? Nothing. Life would have no meaning without challenges.

When we are hurt, it gives someone the chance to love us. When we are victorious, we celebrate. We push ourselves to the limit… to become better. To become… something.

Life is tough. To face it… get over it and meet the challenge.

Get over it!

Go for it!

All the best… All the time… JT

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