Greetings Leaders!

I went to Google’s Insights for Search to see what trends people were searching on, and Team Building was amongst the top of the list in the HR/Business Category. I pondered what value I could bring to those that are searching and then it hit me. People are looking for tips and tricks on team buidling, but don’t realize that they have the silver bullet. THE answer. The answer to team building…. is you.

When you get right down to it, high performing teams are a direct reflection of the leader of the team. Poor performing team = Poor leadership. High Performing Team = Good leadership.

During the leadership classes I teach, I often start off showing the class a gift wrapped box and tell them that the secret, “The Silver Bullet”, to building good teams is in it. I shake the box and let them hear that there is definitely something in it and ask them to guess what it is. I always expect the class to guess the contents, but usually end up having to open the box and reveal its contents. A mirror. Yes, look in the mirror and you will see the secret to building good teams. It is you… the leader. No excuses. No exceptions.

So, you want to go about team building. Before you can build your team, you must work on yourself. What have you learned, or what have you done lately, to improve your leadership skills?

Lead With Honor,

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