Greetings Leader!

I came across this article in the Wall Street Journal Today, Only the Employed Need Apply. This is definitely old school thinking. The basic premise of the article is that in today’s tough economy, if you have a job, you must be good. If you don’t have a job, you must be in the bottom 10%. Logical? No Way.

If there is one thing I’ve seen over the years in business, it’s that there is no constant, no “one way”, that all businesses use in hiring or firing people. I have seen good people let go, and bad people kept. The reasons range from sound logic, to the flavor of the day. Last In – First Out. Future Potential. Strategic Direction. Highest Salary. Lowest Salary. Overqualified. Underqualified. You name it.

By only hiring employed people, you risk missing a golden star that someone else let slip away. Also in the WSJ today, another article called, Layoffs Allow Small Firms to Attract Big Company Refugees. Base your hiring practices on looking at qualifications that will fit your needs.

Lead With Honor,

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