Greetings Leaders!

This is the 14th post in the Path of the Honorable Leader series.

The Honorable Leader knows that in order to be effective, his actions and behavior must be consistent. He must always be approachable, steady in his demeanor, thoughtful in his actions. Much like a tree blowing with the wind, he can sway and move with an ever changing environment, but his roots must remain firmly in place. If he swings too much, he will topple and fall. A leader knows that people don’t like change. If his moods swing widely, they will keep their distance. They will hesitate to bring him news. News he needs to be effective. To be a great leader, requires stability and consistency.

To emanate consistency, the Honorable Leader must have deep roots. He must wield an unyielding belief that he is in control of his emotions, his demeanor and his outlook on life. His solid foundation and consistent behavior will be contagious. Others will become steady during trying times. Their roots will also grow deep as they learn from the Honorable Leader. It is difficult for a single tree to weather a storm no matter how deep its roots. But place other trees with deep roots around it, and soon you have a forest that can withstand even the mightiest of storms.

The Honorable Leader knows that great leaders must be consistent.