Greetings Leaders!

My wife and I were hanging out this morning at one of our favorite places in Roseville called The Fountains, an upscale outdoor mall not too far from where we live. We love sitting in the outdoor air, watching young families with their kids admire the main fountain which moves in synchronization to catchy music blaring over loudspeakers. Inevitably, the young children begin to bounce and jiggle and dance to the music. The older kids and the adults have smiles on their faces as they watch the often hilarious, joyous and free moves of the children. I think that we were created to dance, but over the years something happens. We begin to be conscious of ourselves and soon learn that it’s fun to watch, but not ok, to dance. When was the last time you danced?

If there is one thing I struggle with, it’s learning to relax. To enjoy the fruit of my labors. Don’t get me wrong. I have a good sense of humor, love to laugh, and do quite a few things with my family. But… I don’t dance. I had a good belly laugh the other night. My four year old grandson Bryce, was playing the “Let me tell you a secret” game. You know this one don’t you? As Bryce comes closer to my ear to tell me the secret, he then sticks his tongue into it. Well, the other night I got the giggles. He would come up to me and all I could do was try to fend him off as he would try to stick his tongue in my ear. I laughed so hard as we rolled on the floor. I heard almost everyone say that they hadn’t heard me laugh that hard before.

I realized, that I had forgotten how to dance. To really enjoy life. Life can be tough, especially as we get older. There are a lot of things to worry about. But… we were made to dance. Can you imagine what the world would be like, if we all forgot about our agendas, and just danced. Just enjoyed the world that God created and the people in it. Life would be good.

Can you imagine your life, if you just learned to dance. Not literally of course. But what if you just enjoyed life. Enjoyed the company of your spouse. Enjoyed your kids. What if every day was a new mystery, inviting you to dance? Wouldn’t your life be a lot better? Fuller? More rewarding.

So, why don’t you dance? Scared? Too mature? Dancing is simple. We make it complicated, but it is simple. All you have to do… is dance. There is no secret. There is no barrier or wall, unless we put it there.

So, why not dance? Just do it. Enjoy life.


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