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Over the weekend I read an entry in my journal that I wrote in 2006 and was mildly surprised when I realized that not much has changed in my life. I did accomplish a few things, but hadn’t even come close to achieving all that I had hoped to. This was a great wake up call for me as I realized that I have grown complacent. It is easy to do.

Comfort can be a great enemy of Excellence

In many ways, I also realize how blessed I am. While the economy certainly has impacted me, I still have clients  and am treading water financially. Not great, but not bad in this economy. I know a lot of people who wish they could say the same thing. I also am in pretty good health. Over the past four years I have lost a couple of really good friends to cancer, and a few more are facing pretty significant health issues. So put another check in the blessed column.

Yet, life is about growing. We weren’t created just to exist. I don’t remember where I learned this, but someone once told me…

If you aren’t growing… you’re dying.

Over the weekend, I decided to refocus my efforts on getting the things done in my life that I had someone put on the back burner. I was only able to do this, because I journal and took the time to reflect on where I was. What a shame it would have been if another 4 years, or 8, or 12 had gone by before I realized what had happened.

Do yourself a favor, start writing down your goals in a journal and then check in on them every once in awhile. You won’t regret it.

All the best!
All the time!

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