Greetings Leaders!

It’s early Sunday morning and I’m sitting in a Starbucks getting ready to go touch the lives of a couple hundred kids at church. At least that’s the goal anyway. Before I teach anything, even my project management or leadership classes, I try to go somewhere for a bit and prepare myself mentally. Today, I ran across this video called Life Is Like a Cup of Coffee. It made me think… what do we ALL want?

The answer… to be loved. Everything we do, can be traced back to this one simple thing.

  • When we pursue the riches of life, it is not to impress, but to earn approval
  • We work hard to have a nice home where our family can be safe
  • Our cars, boats, vacations? Yes… to be loved for what we have
  • Athletic accomplishments? To validate ourselves and earn praise and recognition
  • Drugs? Alcohol? Addictions? To escape our loneliness
  • To write, compose, create? To share our thoughts, in hopes of being respected

All these things, center around our need to be loved, recognized or respected. The point I hope you take away today, is that all these things, both good and bad, are replacements for something simple. Love. Respect. Recognition.

What we forget, is that the easiest way to be loved, is to love. Instead of trying to get people to love you today, why don’t you just love on someone first, and then see what happens.  Sometimes as we search for love in our lives by all the busy things we do, we forget the one simple premise. Love… the more you give, the more you get back.

Go love someone today!

All the best!
All the time!