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Do you want to be successful? I know I do. Who wants to lead a life of failure? Not me, and I’m sure not you. So how do you guarantee success? I looked up success at and it is a noun. I think success should be a verb. If we only judge success by results, we miss the point. Success is in the doing, not the achieving.

I’m not a football fanatic, but I enjoy watching the bowl games at the end of the year. I watched the Boise State vs. TCU game last night. For those of you who follow football less than I do, both teams were undefeated. Boise State won the game and ended its season… perfect. Successful? Sure. But what about Boise State? Were they failures? I don’t think so.

When my son was in high school, he had the fortunate experience of never being on a winning team in basketball or soccer. Yes I did say fortunate. Being on a losing team every year, it was certainly hard to watch some of the games. I wanted him to experience winning. But guess what? He did. He learned perseverance. He learned that sometimes in life, you get thrown some hard punches that knock you down. He learned that if you get knocked down… you get up. He also learned that winning doesn’t define life. That if you give your best effort and don’t “win”, that you can still hold your head high. He also learned what a pain some of his other team mates were when they no longer tried. You always try… no matter what the score.

So – you want to be successful? Don’t focus on success. Focus on the doing. What are you good at? Who can you help? What do you enjoy? If you want a successful career, great. Go and get it. But don’t focus on salary or the promotion. Focus on being the best at what you do. Focus on lifting up others around you. Focus on being a team player. If you focus on these things, I guarantee you will find success.

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