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During the project management class I taught last night, I discussed the project management triangle. The basic concept being that if you change any one of the sides, that you must change at least one of the other. For example, if you increase your scope of the project, you must increase the time or cost, or both.


After class was over, one of my students came up and told me her daughter had learned another triangle in high school that day. The triangle dealt with being emotionally whole and it looked like this:

Wholeness Triangle

To maintain your edge as a leader, you must balance each side of the triangle. Unlike the project management triangle, if any one side of the wholeness triangle is out context you cannot compensate for it by increasing activity in one of the others and your performance suffers.

Ensure you are performing at your best by attending to your spiritual, social and physical needs. When was the last time you worked out? How about got out? How are you attending to your spiritual needs? Take some time to come up with a plan that ensures all your needs are being fulfilled.

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