Boeing 787 Dreamliner Rollout 7/8
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I wrote an earlier blog on Boeing’s Dreamliner and said they were due for more bad news. I hate to say it, but guess what… more bad news. And, there will be more to come.

Today the Wall Street Journal announced that Boeing stopped production on the Dreamliner’s fuselage almost two months ago, due to problems with structural integrity where the wings join the fuselage. Boeing made the announcement only after the website Flightblogger reported the delay.

What bothers me is that Boeing claims these kinds of problems are typical and that they didn’t release the news earlier because there was no impact to schedule or cost. Yeah – right! Again… obviously, the schedule is being driven by executives in the C-Suite, not by project managers. How can you possibly stay on schedule, AND on budget, after finding a critical design flaw. Stay tuned for more bad news as Boeing’s management team struggles with telling the truth. The project will be delayed and will cost more than initially planned.

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