Greetings Leaders!

Following my customary morning routine, I am sitting at a Starbucks catching up on the financial markets, blogging and reflecting. Being a creature of habit, there are three coffee houses that you might normally find me at. As I’m here so often other customers have come to know me, if not in person, at least by sight. I had to chuckle once when I walked in a bit late and woman I had never seen before looked up and said, “oh, I thought you weren’t coming in today so I grabbed the corner seat.” I laughed and told her it was a scary thing if people knew where I normally sat. Of course I didn’t make her move – and we shared a laugh together.

Lately, I have had the chance to sit and chat with a woman I met here about two weeks ago. Virginia is 80 years old and like me, has a morning routine that brings her in for her morning cup of coffee during her walk. I could have ignored her and tended to my own business, but we have built a connection over the past two weeks that I have thoroughly enjoyed. She reminds me a lot of my mom and it just makes me smile to listen to some of her stories. Virginia is a jewel.

How many jewels are there in your life that  you are overlooking? Take some time to slow down and smile. Take an interest in someone and not only have your day brightened, but brighten their day too. Life is too short to go around with an empty treasure basket.

Lead With Honor!

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