Greetings Leaders!

As I get older I have come to the realization that life can impact you in two ways. You will either enjoy the life you have by learning from life’s lessons, or you will become old and cynical as you let let past trials and tribulations hammer you down.

I was sitting in the auditorium at my daughter Michele’s high school graduation, thinking about the perspective that these young men and women have at the moment. A chapter of life closing, and yet a ton of blank pages to be written on. The future, no matter what state the economy is in, or the troubles facing the world, is bright. There are challenges to be faced, careers to be made, families to be created. The world is just something waiting to be conquered.

Funny – most of my friends and acquaintances don’t talk like that anymore. Including me. What do we, the seasoned veterans of life talk about? War, Torture, Furloughs, Illnesses, Healthcare. We complain about career changes and aches and pains. What if this…. what if that? I think most of you can relate.

But life is about perspective isn’t it? Yes, life can be tough. However, if you are reading this, you have some blank pages in front of you – beginning at this moment – just waiting to be written on. Are you going to continue to write down all your complaints and disappointments? Or, perhaps we can learn from our children, and remember that the rest of our life is just beginning.

There are a ton of success stories out there about people well into the 60s or 70s, making a positive impact in the world. As I’ve written in other posts, it is never too late to turn your life around, to begin writing something different in the book that will become your life.

If you want to feel uplifted, go to a graduation ceremony and remember…. despite the past, the rest of your life is a blank page just waiting to be written on. Commit to creating a legacy with the rest of the pages you have left.

All the best,
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