Well, things are certainly pretty glum aren’t they! Well – so what. Let’s put this in perspective. In spite of all that has happened over the past few years, perhaps dating back to September 11, 2001 – America is alive. Perhaps not well, but alive. In hard times of the past, Americans have found a way to bounce back and thrive. It will happen again. The question is, how are you reacting to the crisis.

One of my favorite sea stories is that of John Paul Jones (You can read the full account in my book). Despite overwhelming odds and a desperate situation, his immortal words – “Sir, I have not yet begun to fight” should be call to all of us, to all of you, who are facing some financial challenges. It is time to get up and fight.

Our country was founded on the ideals of our immigrant ancestors. One set of my grandparents came over from Japan to work as immigrant workers in the pineapple fields in Hawaii. The other side of my family tree goes back to France and Scottland. My great great grandfather/grandmother came over to Canada from the Isle of Eigg in Scottland, after they were evicted from the island by a land baron. No money, no property – BUT – a will to survive. To thrive. To Fight.

It was the pioneer spirit that allowed America to become what she is today. The spirit that encouraged our forefathers to take risks. To throw caution to the wind and to move forward. We too often forget that the signers of the Declaration of Independence faced hanging at the gallows if they were captured. We often picture them sitting in a courthouse in Philadelphia, safe, secure, perhaps even cozy. But, the reality was that they were taking a step over the line. To challenge the status quo in search of a better life.

Enough about bailouts. Enough looking to Uncle Sam to get you out of your predicament. Stand up. Fight. Get creative. Do something. It WILL be ok. Perhaps not comfortable – but ok. Be thankful for what you have… get up… and go do something.

As I write this, I’m sitting across from a gentleman who is stuffing envelopes for a seminar he is going to give on motivation. A seminar? Who would pay to go to that in this economy? Who can afford it? Well, I have no idea how many people will go to his seminar. But, he is doing something. Perhaps he is the next Anthony Robbins. I don’t know. But if he were at home, wringing his hands and crying about what he lost, I know where that road leads. Nowhere.

Get up. Be resilient. Take risks. Be creative. Be encouraging. Take Heart.

All the best!
All the time!