I’ve been reflecting on the next level of my business and have spent some time thinking about branding. Branding is a core concept when it comes to developing your business, your career, or just a better life! Branding is about focus.

As part of my thought analysis, I tried to come up with some names of people who are really successful at what I want to do. I came up with several, but ended up focusing on Tony Robins and Robin Sharma. Now, I thought about changing my name to “Robin” – but don’t think that is quite what made them successful. I’m on both of their distribution lists, and was fortunate enough to receive some free videos from Tony. While the videos weren’t on branding, he mentioned a few points that hit close to home.

First of all – what are you certain of? If you are not certain about something, how are you going to be successful at it. You must be certain about your goals, your aspirations, your direction. In my case, the question I asked myself is, what am I certain that I can teach someone, that will definitely improve their lives?

Second point – If you want to be a leader (or achieve success at what you’re doing), you not only have to be good at asking questions, you have to be able to tell people what to do. Now, I don’t necessarily mean ordering people around. But, you must be able to tell people what they need to do to. If you are selling something, you must be able to tell them how to use what you are offering so that their lives will improve. If you are leading, people will follow you, only if you have given them a direction to go. So – what are you going to tell others to do?

Branding is about focus. Refine your goals, your objectives, your product, your life – so that you are focused on a few specific things. What are you certain of? What are you telling others to do?

All the best,
All the time