Ok – Sometimes I wonder what planet I’m on. I like to think I’m infallible, but then reality sinks in. Yesterday, I showed up to speak at a breakfast group – only to find out I was one week early! Now, I could have got upset, but instead I sat down, had some oatmeal and enjoyed the company of the people who I’ll now have the privilege of seeing at least twice… I also had the opportunity to listen to their scheduled speaker, and found tidbits to take away.

The speaker was Harry Dunlop who is well known in baseball circles. He had a wonderful career both as a player and manager and based on his stories, I would guess that Harry is somewhere in his mid 70s. He was gracious in his account of both the good ol’ days and the present. But based on the gleam in his eyes when he recounted the past, I was again reminded of how life should be lived. Harry was fortunate enough to have played baseball, when it was all about the game. It was obvious that he enjoyed his career in baseball. Someone in the audience made a comment about how lucky he was to have worked in a career that he loved.

I’m not sure that luck had much to do with it. Do you love your career? If not – why not? Why do many of us have “settle for” lives. Harry reminded me that it is not always about the money, although certainly it has its place (I would hate to be without it). Life should be a wonderful journey. Using your talents and abilities in a way that fills you with joy. I hope that when I turn 70, that I can recount the good ol’ days with a gleam in my eyes… instead of telling someone about the drudgery of a career. What about you? What will you tell your grandchildren and great grandchildren. If you have a dream… you better get on it!

All the Best!
All the Time!