While getting ready for an engagement my thoughts wandered to what it means to live a life of excellence. A life of excellence does not necessarily mean an excellent life, or excellent accomplishments. A super athlete, movie star or business tycoon may have excellent lives by some standards, but are they truly living a life of excellence? Perhaps.

A life of excellence can take on many forms, but when you get right down to it, it means a life worth living. When all is said and done, will people say that you lived a life worth living? I’m not talking about being blessed. We are all blessed to some extent. I’m not talking about happiness either – as we all have the potential to be happy. I’m talking about excellence!

After I pass on from this world, it would be nice if people could say… “John certainly was happy”, “John was a nice guy” or “John lived a good life” – but what I hope my friends and family say is, “John lived a life of excellence!”

How can you live a life of excellence? Here are some thoughts….

  • Focus on goals and get things done that help improve the lives of others
  • Look at the positive – Don’t be the pigpen in your group.
  • Be kind and courteous – Smile – Be patient
  • Demand excellence from others – Lift people up without tearing them down
  • Be a rock! – the calm in a storm – Live your life in a consistent manner
  • Give generously – Take graciously
  • What are you doing with your gifts and what positive impact are you making on those around you? Be the leader you were meant to be – and live a life of excellence. Live your life with a purpose that not only includes your well being and happiness, but also those of others.

    All the Best!
    All the Time!