A woman was contemplating a trip to Europe with a friend. She really wanted to go, but would have to borrow the money to make the trip. Not sure what to do, as she was going to bed she asked God for a sign. The next morning she woke up and looked at her alarm clock. It was 7:47. “Well – I’ll be”, she thought. “A 747 is a type of plane. God must want me to go on my trip.” She borrowed the money and went – adding a couple thousand dollars to her $30,000 credit card debt.

As a leader, you must learn to Think Things Through! Thinking, before acting, will save you thousands of headaches and thousands of dollars! Of course you must be careful of the Analysis to Paralysis syndrome – but having said that… to ensure your business/career and your life are moving in a direction you want, you must learn to Think Things Through.

Thinking Things Through, is not as easy as it sounds. Why? Because when we think by ourselves, we only bring to the table what we know. To be effective, you must get the opinions of others. Too many leaders think that they need to have all the answers – never realizing that although they might always have an answer, it may often be the wrong one!

Thinking Things Through requires the ability to analyze a problem or situation using some critical analysis or logic. Not everyone possesses these traits naturally, although I believe it can be learned. Learn to be a critical thinker. How? Read. Listen. Reflect. Bounce ideas off of others.

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All the time!