Have you ever found yourself saying things like: “Boy – my luck sure has to change”, “When will my turn come?” or “When will my ship come in?!” Why do we HOPE for things to get better instead of doing something about it? I once had a friend tell me that people waiting for their ship to come in, often don’t realize that it never left port!

To change our situation, to achieve Great Results, requires that we do some homework and then take action on what we discover. Doing homework requires that we do some W-O-R-K. To some of you, that equates to a four letter word. Well, unless you roll up your sleeves, and change what you’re currently doing, hope will be you’re only option. Don’t just hope… do the work. Here are some examples of problems and solutions…

Poor Finances
Discover why you’re having problems. There are a LOT of ways to make extra money. Do some homework and then GO DO SOMETHING.

Poor Relationships
Get some counselling/coaching. Your relationships CAN be better if you take action and GO DO SOMETHING.

Poor Performance/Missed a promotion
Find out what is holding you back. Talk to your boss, your peers. Take a class/seminar and learn some new techniques about managing time, energy, conflicts, meetings and then GO DO SOMETHING.

Your Team is failing
Get around a good leader. Ask them for tips on how to lead a team. Assess your team (you may have to change team members). Learn new leadership skills by reading, attending a seminar, watching a movie… whatever… and then GO DO SOMETHING.

Don’t just hope – DO!

All the best,
All the time!