Greetings Leaders!

Are you facing some seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your life? Having problems at work? Is your boss abusive? Are you in a seemingly hopeless relationship? Finances keeping you down? Perhaps you are having difficulty with your kids or just finding your way through life. Whatever it may be, you can find the courage to deal with it. Your situation may not go change, but your outlook can. 

To find courage, you have to have hope. I’m here to tell you that hope is always there. My heart breaks when I hear of someone who thinks hope is gone. It seems like teenage suicide is becoming more prevalent than ever, and I just have to wonder why. Why does a young man or woman feel that hope is gone?

Where can you find hope, and eventually courage, to deal with life when faced with adversity? Instead of asking how you can find hope… ask yourself how do others find hope? How can Nick Vjucic who was born without limbs, find hope? How can Bethany Hamilton who lost an arm to a shark attack at age 13, find hope? How can Dick and Rick Hoyt face life with courage and hope when Rick was born with cerebral palsy?

You can find courage, when you realize that you are not alone. That there is a higher purpose to life than just living. That being courageous is something you do for others, not for yourself. When you feel hopeless and can’t find courage, it is because you are focusing on the wrong thing. Don’t focus on the lack of courage. Focus on others… and see what happens.

All the best!

All the time!


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