Greetings Leaders!

I often wonder why some companies have great leaders, and others don’t. Any company worth mentioning has a leadership program, yet not all companies have great leaders. Why is that? Here are five steps you can take to ensure you and your organization are developing great leaders.

Define It. Leadership means different things to different people. Ensure that you’re program defines expectations about leadership and adequately defines what this means. After defining it, set up a training program to teach your leaders what leadership is all about.

Make it Visible. I’ve been in several companies that valued leadership. One thing that makes them stand out from others is that it is visible. It is talked about. All the time. At the water cooler. During meetings. At awards ceremonies. If you want great leaders, you have to ensure that it is in front of them all the time.

Make it personal. You should be commended if your company has a leadership program. Yet if all their doing is going to seminars, you’re missing the mark. People will hear what you want them to. They will also learn what you want them to. But… they won’t behave the way you want them to. To make them become better leaders, you have to make it personal. They have to know that they are expected to become better leaders. This starts at the top. If you want your leaders to become better, you have to spend time with them on it. You should regularly discuss leadership development with them and ensure that they know that they are expected to perform.

Make it measurable. Do you award results or leadership? If people are getting results while bullying others or getting away with bad behavior, you are setting yourself up for failure. Your staff needs to know that they will be held accountable, and that results… without leadership is not acceptable.

Do It. Walk the Talk. This goes without saying. You set the example for others to follow.

All the best!
All the time!

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