Greetings Leaders!

I was taking a walk during lunch the other day near downtown Sacramento. As I was walking, I looked up and saw… oranges! Later during my walk along the river, I looked down and saw turtles! Ok, some of you may think I’m losing my mind. But I was having a trying day and was in a sour mood. So, when these little things came along, they just lifted my spirits. I wasn’t expecting to find an orange tree in downtown Sacramento. I wasn’t expecting to see turtles basking in the sun. Then I started to think, why don’t I expect the unexpected in other areas of my life?

As I think about life, many of us expect… the expected. When things are tough, we expect them to get worse. We get in the habit of looking at the ordinary and get used to living in mediocrity. The oranges and the turtles reminded me that life can also throw beautiful things your way, when you least expect it. The thing is, you have to stop what you’re doing, and take a look around you. If I hadn’t looked up, I wouldn’t have seen the oranges. They were there all the time. I even walked by them on a walk the other day, and didn’t even notice them. I’ve also been down the river before, so I probably have walked by turtles basking in the sun before.

The point – if you’re having a bad day, or a bad time. Stop. Look up. Take a walk. Open your eyes. God gives us gifts every day – and we often overlook them.

All the best!
All the time!