Greetings Leaders!

This is the 13th posting in The Path of the Honorable Leader series.

The honorable leader knows that he has chosen the path he treads. That while life happens around him, that he alone decided where to take his next step. He cannot blame anyone else for the path he has taken. No one forced him to put his foot down, where he didn’t want to. Not his spouse. Not his kids. Not his boss. Not the economy. Not his health. Circumstances arise, but the honorable leader knows, that he was responsible for the path he chose.

As he has chosen alone, he also knows, that he cannot regret the path that he has taken. He knows that some of his steps were perhaps misplaced. But that while misplaced, it provided him with a lesson. Without lessons, life is nothing but boring walk towards death. Lessons are what provide both the joy, and the pain, that we call life.

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