Greetings Leaders…

This is the 11th posting in the series The Path of the Honorable Leader

The Path of the Honorable Leader can be a strange place at times. The Honorable Leader, fully awake, fully conscious, notices that many others are asleep as he encounters them on his journey. What is obvious to the Honorable Leader, that there are things worth fighting for, things worth dying for, escapes so many others because they are asleep.

As he travels down the path, he notices that others appear to be moving and going about their day, but they move as if in a trance. They blindly follow each other. Every day. Every night. Up early. Eat. Get in traffic. Work. Eat. Get in traffic. Exercise. Feed the kids. Eat. Watch TV. Sleep. Get up early… day in and day out. Their only purpose in life is to see how much money they can earn. How much fame, prestige, and power they can acquire. They don’t care about the fate of others as they grab for all they can. They live by the motto, “he or she who dies with the most toys… wins.” They are numb to their life’s true calling. They are unaware that each of them has a higher purpose. That their life… could be so much more.

A woman once asked, “How can we make people believe in a higher calling? How can we make them want to become leaders of character?” The answer. We can’t. We can’t make anyone become anything. Period. No exceptions. What then, are we to do? Although we cannot make the choice for them, the Honorable Leader knows that he has power to impact the lives of others and that success, the awakening of others to a higher calling, can still be achieved.

The Honorable Leader knows he can lead by example. Showing others that there is a better way. Like the horse, you can lead people to water but you can’t make them drink… but… you can still lead them to water. The Path of the Honorable Leader, includes helping others out of their trance, by showing the way. Through inspiration, leadership and vision. Helping others out of their trance by leading them to a place where they have a choice. A choice to awaken. Or to continue sleeping.

He teaches others, that their life can have purpose. No matter what their physical, emotional or financial condition. That everyone has value and that every life… can be significant. That every life can have passion. That there is so much more to life, than just existing. That they can have a life worth living.

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