Greetings Leaders!

This is the 10th in The Path of the Honorable Leader series.

The Path of the Honorable Leader should be filled with laughter. As she travels down the path of life, the Honorable Leader feels the weight of the world around her. She knows that no matter how good her life is, that others are suffering. She carries this weight on her shoulders and the weight can become heavy, weighing on her, beating her down. If she is not careful, she may begin to lose her lust for life.

To keep her sanity, the Honorable Leader knows that she must laugh. Hard. From the mouth of a child, “I laughed so hard my belly hurt!” Laughter. Medicine for the soul. Yes, the world has a lot of suffering and evil in it. But will her suffering, by carrying this weight of the world on her shoulders, help anyone? No. Will her smile? Yes. Her smile, will not only lift her soul, but the spirits of others. Smile. Laughter. An Honorable Leader knows that these are worth their weight in gold.

Want to help the world? Smile. Laugh. Be happy with where you are at. Help others… but never lose your ability to laugh and be happy. Want to be happy? Take a walk in the rain. Eat some chocolate. Go to the batting cage. Drive a go cart. Ride a bike. Share a joke. Share a smile.

The Honorable Leader, knows laughter.

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