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Greetings Leaders!

I’m starting with a new client tomorrow. While I’m excited about starting, I’m also a little hesitant about the change, as my last project lasted five years. As I know this next project is going to be demanding, I decided to take a day to recharge and refresh my batteries before starting. So… this morning I headed down I-80 to San Francisco. My destination was the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral.

While at Grace Cathedral, I took some time to make two short videos which you’ll find below. My journey was relaxing and while walking the Labyrinth, I thought of the following. I hope you find them helpful:

  1. Our journey through life takes its own path. As I walked the labyrinth, I realized that I didn’t have to walk it at all. If I wanted to, I could just cut through the path and go directly to the center. The lesson…. You are in control of your own destiny.
  2. While walking around the cathedral, I watched a class of young teens come through. They were well behaved, respectful and courteous. I had to smile when I watched a young girl skipping through the labyrinth. She was having fun! Most of us adults somberly walk the circle, reflecting on our deep thoughts. Perhaps she had the right idea. The lesson… You have to have fun on your journey through life. This is a choice!
  3. In the cathedral, there were many places to stop and pray. I stopped at two of them. I gently lit the candles at the station and then knelt down to pray. It was hard to keep my mind still and I found myself thinking of… stuff. It took a few minutes of just kneeling there, to slowly let my mind empty. The lesson… You have to slow down to relax. Going through the motions doesn’t cut it. Slow…. down.

All the best!
All the time!

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