Greetings Leaders!

This it the seventh in The Path of the Honorable Leader series.

The Path of the Honorable Leader is clearly defined. The Honorable Leader knows where she is going. At times, the path is obscured in fog, hiding what lies ahead. Squinting, she tries to pierce the fog so that she can plot her way. What lies just beyond her vision? A fork in the path? Heavy underbrush? Low hanging branches? Or, a clear path that allows her to continue on her journey?

As she struggles to clear her vision, she has a revelation. The fog is not really part of the path. It just obscures it. By focusing on the fog, she loses sight of the path. Her focus, must change. She must focus on moving one foot forward at a time, never taking her concentration off what she is doing. Her focus must not be to the right or to the left. It must not be too far forward and it certainly should not be on her past. Her focus must be on what she is doing. Right now.

How will she travel down a path she cannot see through the fog? By relying on what she knows. Her values. Her mission. Her goals. These are the things the Honorable Leader focuses on. The here and now. The why. Her heart.

All the best!
All the time!

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