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If Project Management keeps its promises, your project success rate should go up. For many organizations, it doesn’t. What gives? If you’ve spent a lot of time and money on project management, but your success rate hasn’t improved, don’t feel badly, as you’re not alone.

Your project success rate hasn’t improved, because Project Management is just one piece of the puzzle. Processes and procedures are great, but they don’t ensure success. For the process to be effective, many other factors must also be in place. Here is a list of common problems that prevent an organization from carrying out projects successfully.

  1. Poor leadership at the C-level
  2. Silos within the organization
  3. Lack of organizational maturity
  4. Meetings run amok and are poorly facilitated
  5. Strategic Plans are not resource loaded
  6. Lack of consistent culture and poor morale
  7. Lack of vision or purpose or a constantly changing environment
  8. Poor compensation plan for all employees
  9. Lack of teamwork at the working level
  10. Lack of integrity

Most, if not all, organizations face these problems. If these are not solved, no amount of process and procedures will improve your success rate. If you want to improve your success rate, the organization has to tackle these problems.

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