Guest Blogger… Joseph Mullin

In the realm of leadership consulting there is a lot of discussion right now about what we can do better in 2011?  Here are 5 leadership traps that I continue to observe in the workplace that we should all strive to eliminate.

Spending too much time in the office. By doing this you lose sight of what is going on within your own organization. The solution is easy. Tom Peters calls it GTHOOTO or Get The Hell Out Of The Office. It doesn’t mean going outside the company, it means engaging your employees at all levels.You will be amazed at the talent within the organization once you start engaging with them.

Squeezing your employees. Due to the poor economy, getting through 2009 and 2010 has been a struggle for many businesses. People were often asked to do more, for less. Work longer hours. Take home less pay. Sometimes this can build resentment and some business experts are predicting a mass exodus from many companies, once the economy picks up.  Begin preparing your organization now for the better times ahead. If you haven’t done so already, start doing damage control by slowly reducing the work pace to a more reasonable level and reward your employees for the sacrifices they made.

Tolerating Bully Bosses. Bullies are a detriment to your company! While they may be good at meeting deadlines, they are probably doing more harm than good. They cause a loss of productivity and decrease the quality of work, not too mention morale. By increasing stress levels they are increasing lost time, and as employees realize that this bully is not going to be let go, they head for what soon becomes the revolving door. Make it a point to stop tolerating bullies. Check out the website No Work Place Bullies for more information on how to deal with Bullies in the workplace.

Political Correctness and Avoiding Issues. Being politically correct may make an issue appear to be less harmful, but sugar coating or putting the spin on an issue to make it sound softer does not make it go away. Being “Politically Correct” means that there is an underlying norm of behavior in the organization that overrides common sense, or even hard data. If you are finding that most of your organization’s issues are coming up at the last minute, and that this is the new norm, look for that underlying tone of political correctness and get rid of it.

Failing to engage your employees. If you have ever worked for companies such as Google, Apple or Intel, you know what it is like to have your employees fully engaged. A fully engaged employee is worth twice their weight in gold. If your employees aren’t engaged, stop blaming the employees and take responsibility for this and do something about it.

Guest Blogger Joseph Mullin has 30 years of experience in leadership and business. Leadership is his passion. Over the last 2 years he has concentrated on helping others get back to work by focusing on leadership as a solution to putting people back to work. Better leadership equates to better companies and more potential for hires. Joseph is the Founder and Principal at Evolution Career Business Leadership.

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