Greetings Leaders!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to walk on water, even when they have cement shoes on. You know who I’m talking about. They can barely walk and talk at the same time, or they walk fast and talk fast without going anywhere or saying anything, yet… they seem to get promoted all the time. Well, if you want to get mad at them or whimper and cry at your misfortune… go ahead. But let me ask you, if they are so dumb, why are they getting promoted ahead of you?

Getting promoted is not hard. Perhaps it’s not easy, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as some of us make it. Getting promoted is simple, at least in theory. You will get promoted if you are viewed as valuable. The question is, how do accomplish that. Here are some ideas you can try.

  1. Understand your organization. What are the formal requirements for promotion?
  2. Understand management. What is important to them?
  3. Understand your boss. Never… Ever… make your boss look bad (integrity issues aside)
  4. Give your opinion, only when appropriate
  5. Don’t come up with a problem without a solution
  6. Don’t always try to prove that you are right, or others always wrong
  7. Learn to listen first and speak second
  8. Don’t crowd your boss. Let your boss come to you
  9. Everyone likes a compliment. Compliment others around you…
  10. Dress appropriately
  11. If you have to ask for a raise, you’re working for the wrong company
  12. Get your work done on time. Work on what is important to your boss first
  13. Don’t try to “save” the organization. Martyrs are usually dead
  14. Give others credit, when credit is due
  15. Continuously learn something new. Find out what the needs are… and become the solution
  16. Learn to criticize constructively
  17. Come early, Stay late
  18. Never Eat Alone at work
  19. Read – Winning Friends and Influencing People
  20. Become a people watcher
  21. Work on your negotiation skills
  22. Work on your presentation skills
  23. Work on your people skills

All the best!


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