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Are you a consultant or business owner struggling to find success? You work hard but your business just isn’t taking off. There are a few reasons why you might find yourself in this situation, and fear is one of them. Read on to find out the Five Causes for Lack of Success…

There are structural reasons why your business might not be taking off. Here are four of them:

  1. Wrong Product or Service
  2. Wrong Time
  3. Lack of Organization and Planning
  4. Lack of Marketing/Sales skills

The biggest obstacle to your success is fear. Here are the Top Ten fears that may be holding you back. If you go through the list and don’t think any of them apply to you, you’re fooling yourself. Be courageous, post a comment and admit your fears. It’s the first step in overcoming them.

  1. Fear of Failure – If you don’t ‘really’ try…. you can’t say you really failed.
  2. Fear of Success – Do you really believe you ‘deserve’ to be successful?
  3. Fear of Inadequacy – You won’t go for help, because you don’t want to admit weakness.
  4. Fear of Rejection – You don’t ask, you don’t know… you don’t get rejected.
  5. Fear of Change – You won’t change. If you don’t change, things won’t change… hello!
  6. Fear of Commitment – If you don’t commit, then you have an excuse for failure.
  7. Fear of Missing Out – If you focus on one thing, you’ll miss out on something else.
  8. Fear of Leading – If others follow you and you fail… what happens to the others?
  9. Fear of Poverty – You won’t take risks, because you might lose money.
  10. Fear of Yourself – Are you afraid to look in the mirror? Why?

To be successful, you must overcome your fears, you often can’t do it alone. Do yourself a favor and go get help.

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