Greetings Leaders!

As you go through life, have you ever wondered why some people appear to be successful and happy, and others go through the doldrums of life? Do you find yourself searching for happiness or success and always coming up just short of where you think you should be? Well, you’re not alone. This posting will help you gain perspective and insight into how you can be happy and successful.

As a leader, you must take responsibility for your life. This equates to believing 1) That you can be happy and successful, 2) That you have the power to be happy and successful, and 3) That if you are not happy or perceive yourself to be unsuccessful, that it is no one’s fault but your own.

You Can Be Happy

If you don’t believe you can be happy or successful, you never will be. As we go through life, life will beat you down… if you let it. All the set backs, all the negative feedback, all the pains and hurts will batter and bruise you. Make no mistake, we all experience these things. However, people who are happy and successful, don’t let these things keep them down. You must come to the realization that everyone experiences setbacks. If you start to believe that a continuous series of setbacks is your fate, then it will eventually overcome you. To get out from this vicious cycle, you must believe, with all your heart, that you are different. That you are worthy. That you matter and that life has great things for  you. It doesn’t matter what life throws at you, you can be happy if you only believe that you deserve it. For some inspirational stories, follow this link to see what others have overcome. If you find it difficult to believe you are worthy, you need to answer the following question: Why are you here, and why do you matter. If you cannot answer this, success and happiness will allude you.

You Have The Power To Be Happy

Happiness is a choice. A choice that you can make. A choice that you must make… if you want to be happy and successful. If you believe you are worthy, but don’t believe you have the power, you won’t make much progress in your search for happiness. We all have the power to achieve happiness and success. I am not saying we all will be millionaires, or lead a life with no pain or heartaches. The point here is, that happiness and success are a choice. If you are looking at the results as a measure of your happiness, be prepared to be disappointed. Money, Things, Love, Relationships… will not secure your happiness. It is the journey that counts. As you go about working towards your goals, enjoy the ride.

Success and happiness are a journey, not a destination.

You Can’t Blame Anyone But Yourself

It is time to grow up and stop blaming others for your lack of happiness and success. It is not your boss’s fault, or your spouse’s, our your parent’s or your sibling’s. It is not your color, your sex, your nationality, your height, your weight, or your education. It is your attitude. YOU own your happiness and your ability to succeed. No one else. Period. No excuses. No exceptions. No buts… No, “but you don’t understand”. I do understand. It is you who has the misconception. Only you can make yourself happy and successful. Own it.

You are worthy
You can be successful
You own your future


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