Greetings Leaders!

My daughter loves to dance and because of this I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Michael Flatley‘s Lord of the Dance. We actually went to see Riverdance a few years ago when it was in town, although Michael Flatley was retired by then. The dancing is spectacular. Precise. Inspiring. Rythmic. I began to wonder if we could learn anything from these spectacular shows when it comes to promoting project excellence.

When we think of work or projects, it’s difficult to generate the same excitement as that of a spectacular production. Or is it? Achieving Excellence is just a matter of intentional behavior that results in the desired outcome. So what made Lord of the Dance so excellent?

  • A vision that captivates. If your project lacks vision, and I mean real vision, it will be hard to get people excited about it. You must learn how to promote your projects.
  • A leader worth following. Look at Michael Flatley. He’s exciting. He’s motivated. He struts his stuff. Are you a Rockstar PM?
  • A strategy and plan that frames the project. Shows like Lord of the Dance have a plot. There is a point to it all and everything comes together at the appropriate places. What about your strategy and plan? How much time did you spend on them?
  • A team worth it’s weight in gold. Who’s on your team? Do you have to recruit people for your projects, or do they want to join your team because they know you stand for excellence.
  • Practice – Practice – Practice. Ok, how do you practice for a project? Simple. You cast vision, set down standards, mentor your team members. You teach them how to communicate. You train them on process and procedures. We often forget to practice or train because we are too busy doing. We’re usually too busy doing, because we never took time to practice.
  • Guide your team along the journey. Encourage them
  • Give your team positive feedback. Make sure everyone knows what your team and team members are doing.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments.

You can promote excellence in your projects, just like they do on stage.

All the best!
All the time!

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