Greetings  Leaders!

I’m assuming that since you’re here, that you want to grow. I know some of you want to become better leaders, some better parents or spouses. Perhaps you want to grow financially, spiritually, or some other area of personal growth. Whatever it is, you must learn to make room for the growth before it can happen.

So many of us today fill our lives with “stuff”. This stuff could be material things, busy-ness, family, emotions, relationships, work. You name it. So… if you want to grow, you need to make room for it. Let’s take relationships. Some of you may be looking for a better relationship in your personal life, or perhaps your business life. If you don’t find time to invest in these new relationships, they won’t happen. If your schedule is already packed, and you don’t give something up, then you can count on not finding those new relationships that you are looking for.

Some of you are broke. You want financial freedom. To grow in this area, you are going to have to let go of your “brokeness”. You are broke for a reason, and if you don’t let that go, then how can you ever learn how to be rich. I know this may be confusing, so consider your spending habits, who you get your investment advice from, or how you invest your money. If you are afraid to invest your money in anything except your savings account that earns a whopping 1% interest, then don’t count on learning how to get rich. If you spend money you don’t have, and you don’t give this up, how are you ever going to get enough money to invest.

So, what do you need to give up, to grow? If you are bold….. let the world know it. Post a comment, I’d love to encourage you.

All the best!
All the time!

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