Greetings Leaders!

I had a great experience this week while volunteering at Breakaway to the Arctic Freeze, Bayside Christian Church’s Summer Extravaganza for kids (3000 kids + 2000 volunteers = two fun weeks!).

Here is a video of part of what Breakaway was all about.

I was the speaker every night for about 150 4th graders. The themes we talked about were:

  • Chosen For a Purpose
  • Trouble Happens
  • Hope
  • Love
  • The Future

I want to share what I told them about their future. If you are frustrated with your life and feel like your future is bleak… you need to read this…

While discussing the future with these young and talented kids, I took a blank sheet of paper and colored about a 10th of it with markers. When you look at the paper, there is a lot of white space on it. The white space represents their future. I asked them, what will they draw on the piece of paper. In other words, what are they planning to “do” to fill it in with things that will become their legacy. If they choose to live life today, they can put a lot of neat stuff on the paper. Their future looks bright. Or, they can choose to squander away what talents God gave them, and end up with things that really don’t matter. Worse, they can make terrible choices in life, and fill the paper with things that no one would be proud of.

I also talked to the adults in the room. I colored half the sheet of paper and said for many of us, half of our lives are gone. For some, this is a problem. Perhaps it is a problem for you. You look at the part of the paper that is colored in, your past, and you cringe. We all have a past, and many are ashamed of it. There might be drugs, alcohol, abusive relationships, divorce, job hopping, some crime, missed opportunities, bad decisions, addictions. You may have been a terrible friend, spouse or parent. There are so many things that may be haunting you.

On the other hand, the past might also contain a great accomplishment. While many of you might feel great about something, it may also be an obstacle. How can you ever top that one great accomplishment in your life. Is that as good as it gets?

Well, I have good news for you. Imagine flipping the paper over the easel to reveal a blank sheet of paper. You see, no matter what has filled your life so far, the future… is blank. You can draw anything you want on it. But…… you have to make a choice. A choice to passionately pursue the future you desire. The future, can be anything you want it to be.

Pursue your future, and fill your life with things that will become your legacy…

All the best!
All the time!