Greetings Leaders!

This weekend, we pay tribute to our fallen heroes. In our country, we have the luxury of freedom of speech. I know not everyone believes in the military policies our country pursues. Yet, I feel so ashamed of people who live in this great country, who do not see fit to pay tribute to those who gave their life for the freedoms they have.

If you do not believe that our country was won, paid for with the blood of men and women, then you do not understand the realities of freedom. There is always someone waiting to to take your freedoms away, so that their idea of what is right can be put in place. Countries that are ruled by despots and dictators do not happen by accident. Why do people in N. Korea or Cuba live in darkness? Because they are not willing to pay the price. We are fortunate there were Americans who came before us, who were willing to gvve their lives to ensure that we can live a country where we have liberty.

Today, less than 1 in 10 people have served in the US military, the great majority are over 60. Today, just 0.3% of our population serve, so that the other 99.7% can enjoy the freedoms we have. Pretty astounding numbers when you think about it.

Take some time this weekend – to thank those who gave their life… for you.

Thanks to those… who have served, who were injured and who paid the ultimate price for my freedom.