Greetings Leaders!

I was reading Scott McKain’s Viewpoint where he told a heartwarming story of a woman who was truly a good Samaritan and it got me thinking about an experience I had a few months ago. I was driving to San Francisco with my wife for a weekend get away. We were coming up to the toll booth on I80 as we approached the Oakland Bay Bridge, so I began to dig into my pockets for the $4 that would allow us to get to the city. As I pulled up to the toll booth, the collector had a smile on his face and motioned with his hands to keep going. I stuck my money further out the window and he turned to look down the bridge at a car pulling away. He smiled. I smiled. He waved me on again… then just said… “They paid for you. Have a nice day.”

They paid for me? Who paid for me? Don’t know. Never will. But this random act of generosity made an impact. It made the collector smile. It made me smile. It made my wife smile. Think of it this way, for less than the cost of Frapaccino at Starbucks, someone had a positive impact on at least three people. If we were all in great moods and interacted  more positively with others, think of how far the impact of just $4 could go.

So here’s my challenge. Go out today and with under $5, have a positive impact on someone. Come back and let me know what you did.

Leaders impact others.

All the best!
All the time!

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