Greetings Leaders!

As a leader, it is important that you understand this one thing. Everyone searches for significance. A leader, helps others in this quest. We can talk all we want about profits, excellence and efficiencies, but when you get right down to it, these are just side notes that distract us from what we all want. To matter. To know that what we do matters. If you help others in this quest, you cannot help but succeed in whatever you are doing.

When people go to work, they go because they want to provide for themselves. It is by providing for themselves that they justify their existence. They contribute to society and as a result they have self-worth. Have you ever been around someone who lost their job? Yes, there is fear of being poor, but a bigger impact is their loss of self-worth. The fear that they don’t matter. That they have no purpose.

It is sad that so many people consider work a four letter word. They dread going to the office because they are not appreciated or worse, are abused emotionally by a boss who is not really a leader, but a lost soul trying to justify his or her own existence by their quest for power. Yes, the search for significance drives everything we do.

I am writing this post in the hopes that you will realize what a large impact you have not only on your own life, but as leader, on the life of so many others.

If you want to build a quality organization, if you want to build teams, if you want to keep customers, if you want respect, if you want loyal employees, if you want more money, if you want a promotion, if you want a happy spouse, if you want well adjusted kids, if you want inner peace, if you want happiness, if you want self-worth… then all you have to do is remember… remember… that everyone wants to feel significant… and then treat them that way.

Please leave a post and tell me who you made feel significant today.