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I’m currently reading a book called The Little Book of Behavioral Investing: How not to be your own worst enemy (Little Book, Big Profits) by James Montier. While the book centers around investing, the premises in the book are very applicable to leadership and life in general.

As a Project Manager, I found the table below particularly interesting. Life has a funny way of dealing with our plans. Some come true. Others don’t. Sometimes we plan, and end up losers. Sometimes we plan and end up winners. The real question is, why?

If you want to be successful, more times than you are aren’t, you must ensure that you’re using a good process in whatever you’re doing. This includes decisions in your finances, career, education, love, family and hobbies. Don’t assume that just because you were successful once, that it was deserved. It could’ve been blind luck. Think about what processes you are using in your life, and ensure that you are setting yourself up for well deserved success.

Good OutcomeBad Outcome
Good ProcessDeserved SuccessMisfortune
Bad ProcessDumb LuckPainfully Obvious

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