Greetings Leaders!

I was driving to my favorite Starbucks this morning when I heard a short story on the number of measures that might be on the ballot this coming year in California. There are about 80 measures that special interest groups are promoting, and to get the measures on the ballot they each have to get 433,971 verified signatures of registered voters.

Debra Bowen, California’s Secretary of State, is urging caution on the voters when it comes to signing these ballots. She said that no one should be pressured into signing something they don’t agree with and that voters need to ensure they understand what they are signing before signing a petition. So far… so good.

I then cringed when Debra gave suggestions on how to avoid people who are trying to get your signature when you don’t want to give it. She said that if you don’t want to sign it, tell a white lie. Tell them you’re not registered in that county. Tell them you’re not registered in California. Tell them whatever it takes to get away from them.

Now, I know this happens all the time. BUT, here we have a representative of our government, telling us to do “whatever it takes” to get out of signing something we don’t believe in. Is this the same approach she uses on other matters? Telling us, the general public, “whatever it takes” to get her job done. To push through her agendas? By the way, can anyone define what a “white lie” is for me?

Her comments made me very nervous about her integrity and ethics.

What are your thoughts? Am I overreacting?

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