Greetings Leaders!

We’re facing some interesting times. It seems the country is split almost evenly over the health care debate. One thing is for certain, we are heading for a cliff and I imagine it this way. A teenager borrows his Dad’s car. It has a full tank of gas and carries the promise of a good time that night. As the teen drives around town, he starts picking up his friends. In spite of being told to limit his passengers to the number of seat belts, he ends up with almost 10 friends crammed into his five seater.

As the night continues, the teens can’t decide where to go so they just start cruising. They drive for hours and slowly start to drain the tank of gas. As morning approaches, one of the teens gets the brilliant idea of watching the sunrise in the mountains. So the teens head into the hills without a care in the world.

Just before sunrise, the driver looks down and notices the tank is almost empty. Well, almost is being optimistic. They’re running on fumes. He stops the car and tells his friends that they’re almost out of gas. They all panic and start to think of a way out of their predicament. As luck would have it, the car is parked on a slight hill, overlooking the picturesque valley that would frame the sunrise.

The teens decide it’s time to get help so the driver starts up the car and puts it into drive. He intends to turn around and hope for the best. However, with so many teens in the car, our driver gets shoved unexpectedly and his foot jams on the accelerator. The car lurches towards the cliff and everyone in the car panics. The person next to the driver tries to put his foot on the brake but jams the driver’s foot onto the gas pedal even harder. The driver unable to stop, tries to put the car into neutral but someone else leans over and pushes him into the steering wheel. Now he can’t even drive.

Our teens are now precariously driving towards the cliff with disastrous results awaiting. What started out as a fun night, now turns into a disaster.

This… is our health care system. My biggest fear is that our well intentioned leaders, prevent us from doing enough to prevent a huge financial crisis.

My question… How do you think we can manage the health care debate, when we have so many people involved, and there appears to be no real majority?

All the best!
All the time!