Greetings Leaders!

When I trade stocks in the wee hours of the morning I often use different indicators and charts to help me make the best decision possible. Trading stocks is difficult and it helps to have different tools available to ensure I make a good trade. During a lull in the market, I began thinking about leadership and the different tools that I use on a day to day basis while wearing my project manager hat.

If you want to excel at getting things done, building effective teams and developing others, you must be aware of the tools available to you. What are leadership tools? Well, they are more than just things you learn over the years. For example, when I am analyzing a particular stock, I intentionally look at the different charts and graphs and pick the best one for the situation. I have a list of these tools available to me and consciously pick the one I want to use.

Do you have a list of leadership tools, or do you just act on a your instinct. Instinct is certainly a positive attribute, but not all of us have good instincts. How do you know for certain, that you have good instincts?

Here is a short list of tools that you should have in your leadership toolbox:

  1. Your life mission statement
  2. A Credo statement – “This I believe…”
  3. A recent 360 Assessment (input from your staff and family on how you perform)
  4. Long Term and Short Term Goals – both personal and professional
  5. A list of strengths and weaknesses
  6. Self-improvement Plan – A plan to improve on your weaknesses
  7. A list of trusted advisers that you routinely check in with
  8. A library of leadership books
  9. A plan to give back to the community
  10. A financial plan that develops financial security

I would love to hear your ideas of other tools… thoughts??

All the best!
All the time!

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