Greetings Leaders!

Many of you have never met me, nor I you. Yet… we are somehow connected by this crazy thing we call the internet. We are also linked perhaps by our mutual interests or circumstances. You came to this page because you need encouragement… a link… a connection. I often wish I had a magic wand to help deserving people like you in need. Yet, for those of you who watched Bruce Almighty, you might remember what happened when Jim Carrey granted everyone their wishes… total chaos.

I gave out a copy of my book to one of my students about a month ago and was surprised at the first thing he told me about the book. I was hoping for something deep. Some story about how the book had changed his life. Do you know what he was most touched by? The fact that I dedicated the book to the reader. To Him. He told me that no one had ever dedicated anything to him before. He made me realize how much a few words can mean to someone, even a book dedication just from me.

So, I want to offer you some encouragement. Nothing long. No stories, fables or parables. Nothing really significant, except…. I care. I care about you. Why? Because you came to this page… this blog… looking for something. You have some pain in your life and you need encouragement. I know… I probably don’t know you. And yet… I do. I am connected with you by our common experiences with life. We all experience both joy and pain as we go through life, so I suppose we are going through this life together.

As Charles Dicken’s said in The Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best times. It was the worst of times…” I used to try to make sense of prayer. How does prayer work? Why does God answer some prayers and not others, at least in the way we hope for? I came to the conclusion that I’ll never really know the answer to that. However, I did figure out something along the way. Prayer is powerful, because when you pray for someone, you are showing them that you care. It is the best gift in the world, because when someone prays for you, they are loving you. What greater honor can I ask for then, except to offer you some encouragement or a prayer. So here it is…

I pray that you will find peace. For while I cannot pretend to fix all your problems, or make your challenges disappear, I can pray for peace. Peace is something you can control. Peace is something you can achieve. Others have found peace in difficult times, and so can you.

If I can care for you, without really even knowing you, remember, that others who do know you, care for you much more than I do. There are those that care about you. You matter.



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