Greetings Leaders…

I just posted a blog called Where Have All Our Heroes Gone. Now… the call for action. I am calling on you to be a hero. We need more heroes today, and yes, you can be a hero! Being a hero doesn’t mean selling all your possessions, going on a hunger strike or joining the Peace Corps. Being a hero means using your gifts to benefit someone else.

Have you ever thought about your gifts? Some of you may feel as if you don’t have gifts. We all have gifts, including you. I’m not talking about talent… but gifts. At times I wish I had more talent. I wish I could sing, be more athletic, play a musical instrument, draw, dance or take beautiful pictures. However, there are other gifts that sometimes get overlooked in our hedonistic society.

The following are gifts that I learned about at church. Leadership, Administration, Helping, Compassion, Building, Craftsmanship, Healing, Wisdom, Teaching, Organizing, Spiritual Teaching and Knowledge. Which gift do you have and how can you use it to become a hero?

Here are some things you can do to become a hero!

  1. Volunteer at a charity
  2. Organize a community farmer’s market
  3. Volunteer at the library or in the classroom as a tutor
  4. Make things for people less fortunate. Including scrapbooks, clothes, quilts.
  5. Volunteer at Homes for Humanity
  6. Give money to a charity, or to someone less fortunate
  7. Call someone who needs a friend
  8. Start a blog about a passion that you have
  9. Stay home from work to play with your kids
  10. Help your kids with their homework
  11. Never use harsh words
  12. Lift someone up by paying them a compliment
  13. Look for the good and not the bad in people
  14. Exhibit grace to someone who you think has wronged you
  15. Spend the entire afternoon with your family
  16. Call a friend you haven’t seen awhile and take them out to lunch
  17. Call your parents and tell them that you love them
  18. Call your kids and tell them that you love them
  19. Give someone a hug today
  20. Donate your time to help someone with a job search
  21. Sponsor a child at World Vision
  22. Get involved in your local community
  23. Start a neighborhood watch program
  24. Stop by the fire station and drop off some cookies
  25. Babysit your neighbors kids so they can have a night out
  26. Take your spouse out to a nice dinner
  27. Look inwards before you criticize someone
  28. Visit someone at a nursing home
  29. Donate your Christmas money to others who are more needy
  30. Invite someone over for Thanksgiving
  31. Sponsor an exchange student
  32. Make some lunch bags with neighbors and then go driving around a poor part of town and give them to the homeless
  33. Get some blankets and distribute them to the homeless. It is going to be winter soon.
  34. Go help your elderly neighbor with their computer
  35. If a mechanic, offer to fix your neighbor’s car
  36. Give free swimming or soccer lessons.. or whatever sport you might do
  37. Organize a block party
  38. Organize a night out with friends
  39. Have an open house…. just because
  40. Work on your marriage
  41. Work on self-improvement
  42. Learn a new skill that will enable you to help others. Take CPR
  43. Work on being a better parent
  44. Get involved in church
  45. Turn off the TV and/or video games and start engaging with your family
  46. Work less, engage more
  47. Listen, really listen to someone’s story
  48. Mow someones lawn
  49. Make dinner for a family that suffered a loss
  50. Believe in yourself and become a Hero!!!!

There are tons of ways to be a hero. You just have to take action.

All the best!
All the time!