Greetings Leaders!

I’ve been away for awhile due to a family emergency and recently received grim news from several friends who were recently diagnosed with cancer. I was reminded how fleeting life is and that it is important to live the life we have to the fullest. Here are some things that crossed my mind.

  • What is on your “to do” list that you’ve been putting off for awhile?
  • What places do you still want to visit and experience?
  • Who do you need to reconnect with?
  • Who do you need to make amends with?
  • What impact do you still need to make? What legacy are you leaving behind?

Make a list and set some goals. You don’t want to end up with a song left in your heart when you leave this world.

I read a quote by John Dos Passos in The Management Myth that hit home:

What good does it do to keep so close track of time, if we don’t have time to live.

All the best,
All the time,